Talent Diagnostic

Across 800+ client engagements, we’ve seen first-hand how talent challenges can constrain growth if they are not addressed. Blending our experience in the region with extensive research on global best practices, we developed the Talent Diagnostic which offers a tailored review of your talent management systems.

The Talent Diagnostic is a free anonymous online survey tool that assesses strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s talent systems, highlighting opportunities for improvement.

How it Works

Sign Up:

Visit the talent diagnostic page to create an account for your organization and access your portal with a custom dashboard.

Create Surveys:

The Talent Diagnostic has pre-generated surveys, the Talent Diagnostic and the Well-being Pulse Check survey. The surveys can also be taken in either English, French or Kiswahili.

Send Surveys:

The system will automatically generate survey links and communication materials which you can distribute to employees and managers via email or your preferred method.

Surveys take ~15mins for each employee or manager to fill.

The employee and manager surveys are completely anonymous – we cannot link a response to an employee.

Receive Reports:

Once a threshold of employees has completed the surveys, the system will automatically generate a report at no cost.

  • Detailed report: This report will encompass detailed information of all 6 talent areas and pointers on best practices.
  • Benchmark report: This report will show the performance of your organization relative to anonymized organizations that have completed the survey.

All data shared is confidential. We will never share your organization’s data except in an aggregated, anonymized manner as a benchmark for other organizations. If you would like a detailed analysis of responses or to have a session with our team to get more insights into potential solutions, we would be happy to support you.

If you have any questions about our Talent Diagnostic, please reach out on talentdiagnostic@opencapital.com