Reshaping Africa’s Food Systems: Three Opportunities to Drive Sustainable, Inclusive and Scalable Impact

In this article from our Agriculture and Food Systems Practice, Neil Wood, Oscar Garza, and Hanna Dohrenbusch share insights on the current state and future of African food systems, building on more than a decade of experience by Open Capital, including 450+ completed projects in the sector across more than 20 African countries. They delve into three key opportunities with the potential to transform Africa’s agricultural landscape in a sustainable, inclusive, and scalable way:

  • Rebooting market systems thinking: Rethinking approaches to agricultural systems development, addressing root causes of market failures in coordinated ways. 
  • Banking on climate finance opportunities: Advocating for increased (climate) finance in agriculture, supporting evidence-based interventions and innovative businesses with sustained, scalable impact.
  • Merging technologies into existing structures: Integrating context-sensitive digital tools within traditional practices to drive development outcomes.

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This article was first published on Next Billion