About Us

Open Capital is a management consulting and financial advisory firm focused on Africa.

We help businesses, investors, development partners, and the public sector design strategies and achieve outcomes through world-class implementation.

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Open Capital By The Numbers

  • Consulting

    Our Consulting team develops comprehensive, actionable strategies for the private & public sector and delivers results through world-class implementation.

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  • Capital Markets

    Our Capital Markets team advises businesses and investors on transactions and global stakeholders on blended finance approaches that build industries in Africa.

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  • Arcadia

    Arcadia embeds our high-performing Analysts directly into client teams for 3-6 months (or on a rotating basis for longer-term roles) to help deliver results.

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  • Innovations

    Our consulting work uncovers gaps in African ecosystems and value chains that we believe would be ‘game changing’ to solve.

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