About Us

Open Capital is a management consulting and financial advisory firm that drives growth, enables investment, and builds markets across Africa. We help businesses, investors, development partners, and the public sector identify opportunities and deliver unique, impactful solutions. Our mission is to advance African economies and build future generations of business leaders.

Since 2010, we have completed 1600+ engagements across 30 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our locally based team of over 170+ full-time staff brings experience from the world’s top consultancies, private equity firms, investment banks, and development organizations including Boston Consulting Group, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, IFC, McKinsey, and The World Bank.

Our Presence
  • Own Outcomes

    Our Values

    Own Outcomes

    Together, we own our work, our commitments, and our learning. We treat our clients’ businesses as our own and recognize the role we each play in our shared success. In everything we do, internally and externally, we are diligent, rigorous, and willing to take responsibility for the outcome, from start to finish. We reflect on our work and take ownership for future growth.

  • Believe in Others

    Our Values

    Believe in Others

    We believe in the potential of each team member and celebrate our successes. We value thoughtful contributions, we appreciate intelligent risk taking, and we welcome eagerness in response to challenges. We trust each other to meet our commitments with excellence. Believing in others means we invest our time in our team to encourage growth.

  • Question Boldly

    Our Values

    Question Boldly

    We understand the power of asking difficult and thought-provoking questions in a respectful manner. We’re willing to get uncomfortable; to go the extra mile, explore ideas, and recommend solutions that we believe will lead our clients and our teams to success. Empathy, optimism, and a healthy dose of curiosity enable us to ask the big questions and produce extraordinary solutions.

  • Act Together

    Our Values

    Act Together

    Each of us plays a vital role in building strong relationships with each other and our clients. We spend time understanding diverse perspectives and work to support each other, give honest feedback, and grow together. By uniting and staying engaged, we achieve excellence for our firm, our clients, and ourselves.

Our Team

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