Analyst Program

  • 01.

    We recruit from local universities

    Our highly selective recruiting assesses both capabilities and mindset, testing for grit & growth potential.

    We receive 2000+ applicants for fewer than 50 full-time positions

  • 02.

    We provide best-in-class training

    Our training builds hard & soft skills, using blended approaches to maximize skill development. 

    Training combines global best practice with our local experience over 10+ years

  • 03.

    We provide opportunities for high-impact work

    Our Analysts support the most innovative, fast growing companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and work with leading global development organizations.

    Placements provide experience across multiple sectors and offer opportunities for travel.

  • 04.

    Our high-quality Managers ensure top results

    Our Managers provide Analysts with on-going coaching and guidance, while their cohort provides additional support.

    Managers enable Analyst growth and ensure high-quality work output

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