Stop hiring. Start working.

Arcadia embeds high-capacity Analysts into client sites for 3-6 months (or on a rotating basis for longer-term roles) to solve gaps in finance, operations, and strategy. Our Analysts bring analytical rigor to critical decisions, oversee projects, fill unplanned staffing vacancies, and improve the effectiveness of senior leaders ensuring missing talent is never a barrier to growth.

Arcadia By Numbers

  • 01.

    We recruit from local universities

    Highly selective based on capabilities and psychological profile (e.g. grit & growth mindset)

    2000+ applicants for <50 hires; enormous raw talent in the region
  • 02.

    Intensive 3 month training

    Training covers hard and soft skills, and uses blended learning to maximize skill development

    Training builds on global best practice and experience over the past 8+ years
  • 03.

    3 - 6 months placements

    Analysts work exclusively with top businesses like you, offering leverage where you need it most

    Rotations build adaptability and experience retains top talent
  • 04.

    On-going coaching & support

    Manager coach and develop analysts so that you don’t have to, and cohorts provide additional support

    Managers enable Analysts growth and ensure high-quality work output
  • Analyst

    An Analyst will be your strongest performer in an entry-level or junior role, supported by an experienced coach to deliver value.

  • Senior Analyst

    A Senior Analyst oversees projects and manages more complex analysis and budgeting, with continued experienced support.

  • Management Associate

    A Management Associate can manage a team, run complex projects, or act as an interim or deputy CFO, driving outcomes immediately.

  • Analytics and Research

  • Implementation

  • Planning

Is the Arcadia solution right for me?

Yes if...

  • You need someone yesterday
  • You are a senior leader who needs support you can rely on
  • Your role needs someone who can own outcomes
  • You have a project that required high-quality staff to achieve results & train others (for up to 6 months)
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