Analyst accelerated start-up’s go-to-market with research, market sizing, and design


Founder-run health tech start up entering the market with limited capacity required information gathering and market analysis.

Our Process

The Analyst supported the client by:

  • Researching providers of products/services in other African markets
  • Analyzing funding models for the product/service
  • Highlighting relevant market trends
  • Completed database with information on countries with reliable provision of service to inform expansion path
  • Enabled CEO with last-minute operational and strategic asks

Clients Perspective

The Analyst was dedicated to a very specific project —research and analysis to understand, globally, what percentage of the world has access to a 911 system. This was a country-by-country task, and we were about 75% done; but needed someone to take it over the finish line. He was able to jump right in, with very limited direction. Basically, we provided the data set, some tutorials, and background reading, and within a day or two he was able to pick it up and run with it. He was also incredibly productive — he got through everything we had set out to do initially, so he was able to take on additional projects. We were able, for example, to ask him to do deep dives into 5 countries, and how they structured their emergency response. Some really interesting themes and differences emerged from his analysis, which helped us figure out that we should be looking at financing through telcos. Joshua was then able to think through and model what that would look like in Kenya.

- Co-founder