• Agribusiness


    Agriculture drives many African economies and is a critical input to growing markets and enabling food security. We partner with a range of agribusinesses—from smallholder farmers to large-scale international exporters—to grow and improve the value chains in which they operate.

  • Energy Access

    Energy Access

    We work with businesses, investors, and the public sector to increase energy access across Africa, with a particular focus on under-served consumers. Our work ranges from supporting new, innovative energy technology companies to developing new blended finance approaches to incentivize larger businesses to extend access to rural communities or challenging frontier markets.

  • Healthcare


    Improvements to healthcare products, services, and systems provide far-reaching benefits to African communities and economies. They also present a significant commercial opportunity driven by increasing consumer demand for quality healthcare. Our healthcare team works with industry leaders and innovators to deliver better care to more Africans.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Africa is at the forefront of financial service innovation. Service providers are growing in sophistication and reach, improving access, and offering new sources of capital in different ways. We work with businesses as well as local and international financial institutions to plan strategies, adopt innovations, drive growth and reach the unbanked across Africa.

  • Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods

    With rising incomes and a growing consumer class, Africa offers a unique set of opportunities and challenges for consumer products. Our team combines deep local knowledge and market insights to develop answers to the organizational, operational, and strategic questions companies often have as they look to capture the growth in our markets, especially around last-mile distribution and organizational scale.

  • Trade & Logistics

    Trade & Logistics

    As economies grow and barriers to cross-border sourcing and sales diminish, businesses face new challenges competing in a more globalized market. We help our clients develop systems to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and build competitive advantage.

  • Technology


    Across Africa, technology is changing the way people connect and markets function. We help clients identify and implement new technologies to improve operations, pursue growth opportunities, and reach new markets.

  • Water & Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

    Population growth and increased rates of urbanization pose significant challenges for water distribution, conservation and sanitation. Our team works with industry stakeholders to improve access to basic services for underserved populations.

  • Education & Workforce Development

    Education & Workforce Development

    High-quality education, from pre-primary to tertiary, is critical to enabling growth for individual employers and the economy as a whole. We work with education providers, employers, and development partners to build sustainable, practical approaches to improving educational quality, access, and relevance to today’s economy.

  • Manufacturing


    Industrial goods businesses in emerging markets face a host of challenges from input sourcing, to customer acquisition and export. Our team brings nuanced expertise from local markets and a deep understanding of global industry to help businesses capitalize on opportunities and attain scale.