Analyst supported senior decision-making at large manufacturer


A market-leading plastics manufacturing company with operations in three countries implemented a new ERP system. They needed support with post-implementation processes and analytics to make data-driven business decisions

Our Process

The Analyst supported the client by:

  • Developing reporting dashboards and analysis templates
  • Performing cost and sales analysis
  • Designing production planning template to increase efficiency
  • Assessing investments to improve production efficiency
  • Able to increase efficiency in costing, pricing and production
  • Strategic decision-making achieved from insights on financial performance of various product lines

Client’s Perspective

We had a gap in finance; the analytical skills necessary to execute key objectives. We needed someone with intellectual firepower and diverse business experience. Arcadia was a great solution for us: superior speed, flexibility, and personnel caliber to all other options. We would be unable to attract or train that ourselves. This was bolstered by the support of the Arcadia Manager. From the outset, Isaac was a valuable contributor. He developed a rigorous approach to production planning, assessed capital expenditure opportunities, and exposed granularity in our product costing. We improved production efficiency, capital expenditure, communication, and understanding of product profitability. Isaac expanded senior management capacity and demonstrated professionalism and best practice to junior team members.

- CFO, Kenyan manufacturer