Catalyzing women-led agriculture through strategic growth


Bukonzo Organics Cooperative Union (BOCU) is a trading company in Western Uganda specializing in premium-certified specialty coffee, working with 4,000 smallholder farmers and run by Josinta Kabugho, an exceptional Ugandan female leader. BOCU sources coffee for export from 4,000 smallholder farmers in Uganda. They operate as a union, with a board and management team primarily of elected farmer members, and engaged Open Capital for strategy support in diagnosing and enhancing sourcing operations, aiming to drive growth, secure working capital, expand the farmer network, and boost exports.

Our Process

Open Capital conducted a diagnostic of BOCU's sourcing operations, assessed organizational goals, and formulated five key recommendations. These focused on improving farmer extension services, adjusting offtake prices, streamlining governance, investing in infrastructure, and obtaining sustainable capital.

As a result of the sourcing recommendations, BOCU expanded its farmer network by 1,000, hired six additional staff members to enhance operations, and secured USD 700,000 in working capital to bolster its sourcing activities.

Bukonzo implemented gender policies further supporting the women involved in its operations and setting a standard among similar cooperatives.  We are proud of what Josinta and her team at BOCU have achieved!