GoSoft’s innovative solution for non-revenue water challenges


GoSoft Integrated Solutions is a woman-led enterprise that addresses Non-Revenue Water (NRW) issues by providing innovative smart NB-IoT meters to water service providers. The metering technology which is new in the market ensures that water service providers are more effective in water management. GoSoft sought a robust pricing tool and promotional materials to articulate the advantages of ultrasonic smart metering technology to water service providers, private landlords, and property developers.

Our Process

Open Capital supported GoSoft Integrated Solutions in creating a comprehensive pricing tool and commercial materials that would effectively communicate the benefits of the ultrasonic smart metering technology to WSPs, private landlords, and property developers.

The uptake of this technology will enable efficient management of water distribution and consumption including faster resolution of faults, burst pipe detection, enhanced accuracy in user consumption data, and significant operational cost savings for WSPs. Beyond WSPs’ success, efficient water management will have a profound social impact, ensuring sufficient per capita water supply to meet the rising water demands in Kenya, and ultimately benefiting the population at large by providing access to a vital resource.