Investment promotion support for large Kenyan county


One of the largest Kenyan counties sought to establish an investment promotion agency to attract more investment to the area and to manage investor relationships. To establish this new agency, the County needed to understand the most effective structure & focus for the Investment Promotion Unit, develop appropriate materials, and build internal capacity to understand investment decisions and interact effectively with investors. Open Capital was engaged by an international development organization to support the county.

Our Process

OCA supported the county by:

  • Researching international comparisons to understand global best practices for investor promotion agencies
  • Assessing gaps in the current investor promotion landscape in the County to match global best practices to local realities
  • Developing a pipeline of potential investments, including identifying individual businesses, supporting them to become investment-ready, & articulating concrete proposals and value propositions for potential investors
  • Building capacity among senior county staff to manage investor relationships through direct coaching, knowledge sharing, and training on specific topics in real situations

As a result of our work, the county has successfully established their Investor Promotion Unit, which is actively approaching potential investors and raising awareness on county investment opportunities. We helped train and inform the senior staff to make this outreach as effective as possible.

We developed concrete investor proposals and value propositions that are currently being used in targeted investor outreach around the specific opportunities. We also developed a broader pipeline of opportunities for the county to draw from in future investor outreach.