Associate served as interim CFO of Agriculture company post investment


Post-investment agribusiness in financial distress as rapid expansion strained the team at the same time as input prices put pressure on margins.

Our Process

The Associate supported the client by:

  • Serving as interim CFO for 3.5 months to set up systems their investor needed, including formalizing processes, defining JDs and missing roles, analyzing performance, and interviewing new CFO candidates
  • Created JDs, manuals, & ToRs for missing roles
  • Detailed budget + cash needs
  • Initiated ERP implementation
  • Helped recruit and transition to new CFO

Client’s Perspective

We needed a CFO, but knew it was going to take some time to find the right person. We needed a good solution to bridge that gap, somebody who could come in for a temporary assignment.

We had just gotten investment, and had just completed an advisory project that identified weakness in controls and pricing, as well as areas to optimize in finance, and really needed someone to help implement: to create the finance processes, templates, and TORs to prepare the environment for the new CFO to come on board. Dan was critical to help us bridge that gap and come up with reporting and templates we needed in a very difficult environment. He was able to identify and prioritize the areas we needed to focus on. A major deliverable was implementing an advisory report, and he really understood the business, process flows, weaknesses in controls, and what was needed for the reporting structures.

- Investor, Agribusiness