Rotating Senior Analysts achieved “stretch targets” as Investment Promotion Officer


Kenya county investment promotion unit focused on creating jobs for local businesses and mobilizing investments.

Our Process

The Analysts supported the client by:

  • Filling the Investment Promotion Officer role for a period of 18 months on a rotational basis
  • Developing an investment pipeline
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in developing investment materials
  • Managing investor outreach
  • Created linkages between investors, businesses, and intermediaries

  • Connected 5+ businesses to over a dozen investors

Client's perspective

We were struggling to hire as there just wasn't much talent available with the right profile, and we wanted someone on-the-ground in Mombasa. We were faced with either someone who didn't have the skills for the job or a more senior consultant with a daily rate that meant we could not afford anything beyond a very high-level advisory role. We couldn't compromise on top-notch core skills or having someone on-the-ground who could really get things done. The secondment offered a nice balance of an affordable resource full-time who brought these skills, with support from a manager with more experience and expertise. We were so happy with the secondment that after the completion of the initial six-month period, we requested another six-month secondment, then a third. For each, OCA sent a different analyst, yet all three analysts were great, fitting in immediately and getting the job done. But moreover, the analysts were very good at taking initiative and being proactive, whether in the small day-to-day stuff to get things done, as well as stepping back, thinking about the bigger picture, and how the program should be done. Overall, I would definitely recommend this secondment model!

- Director, Youth employment project