Senior Analyst strengthened management team post investment


A Ugandan sanitation solutions provider needed to refine operational systems & processes, analyze profitability, and identify existing skills gaps within their team.

Our Process

The Analyst supported the client by:

  • Developing and providing oversight in financial and management reporting
  • Assessing profitability and sustainability of the business
  • Clarifying organizational structure to highlight immediate skills gaps
  • Standardized prices and reduced costs through financial analysis
  • Revenues grew ~20% through sales plan and new hire
  • Trained finance team in best accounting and financial processes

Clients Perspective

We invested in a high-potential Ugandan sanitation company. We were a big believer in the model and the CEO, but it was tough to get reliable financial data to understand what was really going on day-to-day.

From Day 1, Chloe was a great fit. She developed monthly and quarterly financial reports and helped the management team get into the habit of monthly team and management meetings. Because of the flexibility of an embedded analyst, we could ask Chloe to look at additional areas: sales and marketing and team capability. As an investor, we were impressed with Arcadia and Chloe. She gave senior management the information they needed to make decisions, identified and designed solutions to address key issues, and left the team stronger and able to execute effectively on some very ambitious growth goals.

- Investor, family office