Strategic Investment Plans for 5 Kenyan Counties


Open Capital was contracted through USAID’s Financial Inclusion in Rural Microenterprise (FIRM) program to support five counties in Kenya by designing and developing a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) to guide county progress towards attainment of their development goals, as well as the production of a County Investment Portfolio (CIP) highlighting investment opportunities in various sectors.

Our Process

OCA supported the counties by:

  • Conducting numerous stakeholder interviews with government representatives, private sector players, and potential investors in and around each county to further define that county’s investment landscape and strategic opportunities
  • Engaging locally with county stakeholders, facilitating local workshops in each county for Governors and core departmental heads/ministers to determine strategic investment priorities, opportunities, and challenges
  • Leading a robust strategic process to assess and develop a detailed SIP for each county, inclusive of a monitoring & evaluation framework and tools, as well as departmental implementation plans

Through the development of the SIP, we worked with stakeholders to develop a list of companies with investment opportunities. We then prioritized these opportunities and prepared detailed profiles for the top 15-20 opportunities in each county for inclusion in the counties’ CIPs. These profiles were the result of a comprehensive review of all businesses’ existing documentation, interviews with each entrepreneur, and our own local experience.