Strategy for Kenyan Bank


One of Kenya’s fastest growing SME-focused banks had just raised capital and was seeking to increase their market share by designing new financial products for the agribusiness sector. We were retained to develop a detailed 5-year strategy for the bank’s expansion into agribusiness. 

Our Process

OCA supported the bank by:

  • Interviewing management and branch-level staff and identifying opportunities to improve internal processes to better enable new products and growth
  • Performing a market assessment on agribusiness financial products, and, based on our findings and our understanding of the bank’s assets and customers, recommending a new suite of financial products.
  • Creating an implementation plan for product roll-outs based on different distribution channels and a new internal compensation plan to align incentives for growth

Our finalized strategy was adopted by senior management and rolled out across the entire business. Nearly all recommendations have since been implemented and several of the new products we proposed were launched, reaching a new wave of Kenyan customers including individuals and SMEs in agribusiness.