Mobilizing Capital for Ghanaian Businesses

About the Ghana MFA

The Feed the Future Ghana “Mobilizing Finance in Agriculture” (MFA) Activity is a $19 million, 4-year program aiming to enable private sector investment and trade in target agricultural value chains in Ghana. The program is being implemented by Palladium, with Open Capital (OCA) as a lead sub-contractor over the program duration responsible for identifying, advising, and supporting transactions of all forms and providing operational and strategic advisory services to businesses.

MFA seeks to address market failures limiting access to finance along seven key value chains in Ghana and encourage deeper engagement in these value chains, and strategic partnerships to scale innovative business models providing inclusive financing to the smallest value chain actors. Through these activities, MFA aims to spur agricultural finance market behavior change and system reform leading to sustainable economic growth through agribusiness and inclusive growth among the stakeholders within the target value chains.

  • Target value chains: maize, soy, cowpea, groundnut, and other high-value crops, including but not limited to cashew, mango, and shea.
  • Regional focus: MFA has a national focus for all value chain activities, except for the production and aggregation of maize, soy, cowpea, and groundnut, where MFA interventions will focus in the Northern Region, North East Region, Upper East Region, and Upper West Region.
  • Qualifying agribusinesses: input dealers, producers, processors, aggregators, storage providers, traders, retailers, exporters, agriculture logistical firms, and technology providers, among others, provided that they are in or serve to enable the target value chains and regions listed above. It also includes financial institutions on-lending to businesses in target value chains.

Open Capital’s Role

In its role leading transactions and capacity building efforts through MFA, OCA has funding to:

  • Help businesses raise capital and grow: advise businesses on strategies, help them to improve operations through embedded placements (e.g., CFO support) and prepare for capital raises, and lead all aspects of transactions across debt and equity.
  • Help investors deploy capital: advise investors on a wide range of due diligence and market intelligence and mobilize co-investors for portfolio companies or new deals and support the capital markets on new products, including listed products.

About Open Capital

Open Capital is a management consulting and financial advisory firm with 130 professionals based in East, Southern, and West Africa. We support businesses to design strategies, improve operations, and raise capital, and investors to conduct due diligence and design blended finance mechanisms. Over the last 10 years, we have closed $700M of deals across Africa and have support >1,000 businesses improve their operations and achieve growth. Agribusiness is our largest sector and we have been active in Ghana since 2018, supporting Ghanaian companies to plan their growth and closing investments with global investors. We look forward to the opportunity to work together.

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