OCA Impact Stories: Ovos De Ouro

Ovos De Ouro – Systems roll-out and processes refinement

Ovos De Ouro (ODO) is an egg producer based in Mozambique and sells eggs through a general retailer, Comercio Azul. Since its inception, ODO has remained focused on providing affordable and good-quality protein to the Mozambique mass market with the goal of feeding and improving people’s lives.

With a planned scale-up and an increased product portfolio supported by a US$3 million capital raise, the management required support in monitoring the setup of the new stores, streamlining the financial reporting framework, and reinforcing financial and operational controls. Open Capital held consultations with staff to document, update and consolidate the standard operating procedures as a blueprint for the organization’s operations and ensure business continuity during the expansion.

The tools and structures that Open Capital created with ODO have helped enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness. The structures have also reinforced financial controls and streamlined management reporting to support ongoing expansion and lay a firm ground for future growth plans.

“In addition, we created an improved financial reporting framework to ensure accurate and efficient reporting and performed virtual checks on the operations to reinforce the set down controls and also helped with the monitoring of Point-of-Sale roll-out and Enterprise Resource Planning integration for the new stores”

Irene Mugi – Open Capital’s Analyst on the project