Investment readiness: Top 3 preparation steps for fundraising

External funding provides critical resources that allow companies to develop new products, expand production capacity, and access new markets. However, raising funding is challenging for early-stage companies. They are often unfamiliar with investor requirements, how to get investor ready, and the fundraising process and timelines.  

Open Capital Advisors led a webinar for companies supported by the Energy Catalyst Accelerator Programme (ECAP) who want to fundraise in support of commercialising their energy access technologies.

Companies looking to fundraise for the first time need to think about three things as they prepare to fundraise: 1. How much to raise; 2. The ideal type of investors based on company stage; and 3. Investor outreach strategy.

For the full summary, read the blog accompanying the webinar here.

About the Energy Catalyst Accelerator Programme

Innovate UK developed the Energy Catalyst Accelerator Programme, to support the commercial development of Energy Catalyst projects, in order to achieve the primary objective of unlocking clean energy access and improve lives across Africa, Asia and Indo-Pacific regions. This consists of one-to-one support tailored to each project’s needs, and a range of programme activities and materials to facilitate learning, international engagement, investor readiness, and dissemination of impact. ECAP has supported the development of technologies and business models through financial and advisory support to over three hundred innovative companies in the energy sector.