Making Agricultural Markets Work For Nutrition Project

Musika, in collaboration with Open Capital, launched the Making Agricultural Markets Work for Nutrition (MAMWN) program in October 2020 with the aim of improving accessibility, affordability, and acceptability of nutritious foods in Zambia’s rural communities. The goal of the program is to provide technical and business support to high-potential agro-processors in Zambia to help them strengthen their operations and become more investment-ready.

We are excited to announce we have launched business and technical support to the first cohort of 10 agro-processors! These processors will over the next few weeks receive technical and business support in form of workshops, coaching sessions, and targeted support with technical and business experts to enhance business and financial management skills, improve technical operations (e.g., quality control processes, food hygiene, and safety best practices), and prepare them to access financing.

The processors are: Henwood Chibombo Farm, Joyous Mumm Food Processors, Love for Humanity, SHAIS Foods, Yumi Milling, Omega Foods Zambia Limited, Tundwe Milling, Eunimos Investment Limited, Adastra Fruit Juice Processors, and Kalomo Grains.