OCA serves on Sankalp’s Grand Jury

Andreas Zeller, Managing Partner at Open Capital, was invited to serve on the Grand Jury for the Sankalp Awards at the 1st Sankalp Africa Summit, held in Nairobi this past February. The Grand Jury was the final decision-making body tasked to select Africa’s most innovative social enterprises, following a multi-month process that screened 100 applications from 12 countries.

Andreas served on the Grand Jury with 7 other professionals and investors from across Africa, including Duncan Onyango, Acumen Fund’s East Africa Director, and Hedwig Siewertsen, Managing Director at DOB Equity.

Sankalp Forum is the world’s largest high-impact SME platform, bringing together entrepreneurs, funders, governments, non-profits, and other actors. More than 450 people from 25 nations, including 12 African countries, attended the 2-day Africa Summit.