OCA Impact Stories: Rabboni Group

With a background in accounting and finance, when I heard that I was going to be supporting Rabboni, a maize milling and aggregation business that has worked with over 3780 farmers across Uganda, to refine their financial reporting processes, I was very excited. I had the opportunity to work closely with Daniel the Managing Director who has extensive experience in entrepreneurial training and capacity building in rural agricultural economy and Paula, the company’s Accountant, who has over 10 years’ experience working in the banking sector.

Daniel started Rabboni in Namataba, Mukono in 2014 along with two other directors and it has since grown and acquired funding to build a second factory site.  As they were doubling in size and operations in a very short period, they urgently needed to streamline their financial reporting process and identify any existing team gaps.

Over a 3-month period, I stepped in and worked closely with management, finance, and operations to understand the existing processes as well as identify and discuss key gaps. Once we identified the system and team challenges, I worked with them to develop a new financial & management reporting process and train the relevant staff members on data input in QuickBooks. I also developed new data tracking systems and tools, some of which included a monthly management reporting template, monthly financial checklist, KPI dashboards for team assessments, annual budgets, and ROI tools. I worked with the team to track their day-to-day operational data through the tools developed to ensure efficient information flow from staff to management. I also conducted a robust team assessment, highlighting key skill gaps and recommending potential hires and new roles & responsibilities across the existing team. Lastly, I developed a pricing tool to guide management in cost-price decision making processes for the company.

As a result of my work with them, Rabboni was able to generate its first set of internal reports for the Q1 2021 period leveraging the new tools and systems, as well as hire a CFO to ensure implementation and continuity of our work. I am really proud that I played a part in helping them move towards their goals and look forward to seeing their growth in the industry.

OCA Analyst, Janet Kasigazi