OCA launches Advance, a membership program to improve talent management for African businesses.

As leading African social enterprises and start-ups mature beyond the early stages of growth, they often find that talent, rather than fundraising, is the biggest barrier to their continued growth and ability to reach their targets. These talent challenges revolve around businesses’ ability to attract, develop, and retain highly skilled labour and the lack of robust internal systems to manage this talent.

Drawing on our learnings from our talent-focused initiatives (Talent Diagnostic, Peer Councils) and our engagements with over 1,000 large and Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) across 25+ countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, OCA is excited to now launch OCA Advance.

Advance is a membership program that supports African businesses grow their HR and talent functions through customized diagnostics and light-touch implementation support, how-to guides on new HR initiatives and follow-on workshops, and technical skills development trainings:

  1. Premium version of the Talent Diagnostic and roadmap to improvements: After signing up as a member, the first step will be a detailed diagnostic of the business’s HR strengths and areas of improvement, including engagement, culture & well-being, compensation & benefits, performance management, learning & career development, organizational structure, and recruiting needs, based on the premium version of OCA’s Talent Diagnostic tool:
    • The findings of the diagnostic will be presented in a customized report for the organization and through a debrief session with your relationship manager.
    • A roadmap will then be developed to support the business to address the identified pain points.
    • Following this exercise, there will be an opportunity for monthly coaching calls with a relationship manager to support the business to act on the findings.
  2. How-to-guides & workshops: Members will gain access to exclusive reports on topics designed to build on and improve our member’s diagnostic results, such as structuring staff equity schemes, running DEI solutioning groups, structuring and building buy-in for job grade architecture, and effective hybrid working arrangements
    • Following the release of each report, in-person and online workshops will be held with other member organizations to support implementation and shared problem solving,  
  3. Skills trainings: Members will have unlimited access for all staff to participate in Excel and PPT-based skills trainings, (in-person and online sign-ups available on a first-come, first-serve basis). The courses will based on the OCA analyst training, with content including:
    • Data-driven problem solving: data representation, data interpretation, technical skills, translating data into recommendations.
    • Telling compelling stories through PowerPoint:  storyboarding, technical skills, slide design, presenting, and argumentation.

Through participation in the Advance program, members will gain:

  • Improved understanding of their organization’s unique talent pain points and solutions;
  • Enhanced perspective of how to improve employee satisfaction, buy-in, and performance, and practical means of implementation;
  • Upskilling for employees to make data-informed strategic decisions and develop persuasive presentations for partners and funders, enhancing organizational growth.

Advance offers a high-value membership, heavily discounted for the first year, and based on company annual revenue. If you are interested in participating in the Advance program, please contact us at advance@opencapital.com

Learn more and download the Advance membership brochure here