OCA Staff Features: Meet Aditya Shah – Project Leader

How did you join OCA?

I was working in auditing at one of the Big Four firms but subsequently decided that I wanted to explore the consulting world after some chance encounters with management consultants who have since become friends. It just so happened that around that time, I bumped into someone from Open Capital who recommended I apply via the recruitment drive that was ongoing at the time, and well, here we are!

What would you say about your journey at OCA?

My journey has certainly been an interesting one! After an initial period of adjustment and going through a steep learning curve, I believe I have settled in quite well and have been able to grow with the firm. When I joined, OCA had about 50 team members, and now we are three times that number! It’s been quite a ride!

What are your most memorable projects?

Ooh, let me think! I certainly think my secondment to Uganda, where I was sent to support a renewable energy company, is one of my favorites! It was such an enriching learning experience and allowed me to leverage the knowledge I gained on other subsequent projects. Another project that comes to mind is the one I worked on in conservation. I found the organization we supported to be cool and it was having a tremendous impact in the area it was working in, so it was great to see!

What excites you in your work?

One aspect of my work that I really enjoy is collaborating with other highly capable and driven individuals and sharing and exchanging ideas with them! The other aspect is the wide variety of organizations and companies and the work they do. It’s remarkable to see what some of them are doing and the innovative ways they are attempting to solve challenges.

How would you describe OCA culture?

I would describe the culture as one that is collaborative, fun, and feedback oriented where everyone is encouraged to grow from a personal and professional standpoint.

How do you spend time outside of work?

More recently, I am very much into playing Padel tennis but other than that I really enjoy learning about space and airplanes, spending time with friends and family, and watching all forms of sport. I also enjoy dabbling in creating my own ‘dad’ jokes and performing card tricks. However, it’s debatable whether I am any good at either of those last two!