OCA Talent workshop

As businesses grow and change, it becomes critical to build talent systems that facilitate not just talent acquisition but planning and management as well. We built seven tools, guides and templates to inform and enable improved talent management practices in Performance management, Compensation, Engagement, Learning & Development, Values & Culture, Organizational & role structure and Career paths.

In partnership with GrowthAfrica, we facilitated a workshop on 16th November 2017 to help SGBs demystify two of these processes. 20 managers and HR professionals gathered to learn best practices in performance management and compensation.

Entrepreneurs had opportunities to share what was working and what wasn’t and think critically about how they could apply the lessons learnt from the workshop to their respective organizations. After the workshop, we also hosted a cocktail to celebrate the official launch of our talent diagnostic tool. This was an opportunity for them to learn more about the solution and network with professionals within Open Capital and other companies.

“Yes, I would definitely recommend this session! It was super helpful to receive rich content based on research and best practices. I also got to discuss insights from OCA’s talent diagnostic tool and received immediate takeaways that I can apply to my team” – Participant, OCA Talent Workshop