OCA’s Kellen Murungi on ICT Board’s Tech Ideas Funding Challenge

Open Capitals’ Partner Kellen Murungi represented the firm on a panel dedicated to reviewing ICT business pitches organized by the Kenya’s ICT Board.

The event, part of the Tandaa tech events series, selected from hundreds of potential business plans seven of the strongest entrepreneur applicants to pitch their businesses to this panel of venture capitalists and financial advisors. Also on the panel were representatives from Fanisi Capital, eVA Fund, and African Media Venture Fund. Kellie spoke generally on Open Capital’s interest in and reservations about investments in the ICT space. Among other points, Kellie voiced the concern that many talented entrepreneurs have innovative products but struggle to build marketable businesses around them.

The event was organized by Kenya’s ICT board and hosted by the Nairobi iHub. It was set in the style of the British television show Dragon’s Den and was broadcast on television across Kenya.