ODI publishes report on social enterprises including evidence from Open Capital

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) recently published a new study on social enterprises in Kenya. Entitled “A Case Study of Health and Agriculture Social Enterprises in Kenya”, the study focuses on identifying opportunities and obstacles faced by social enterprises in the healthcare and agriculture sectors. ODI interviewed numerous social enterprises in said sectors along with organizations supporting them, including OCA. ODI has performed similar research in Vietnam and published a synthesis paper, “Social Enterprise: Constraints and opportunities – evidence from Vietnam and Kenya” as well as a Vietnam case study.

One of the key findings from the study was the need for government to play a larger role in the social enterprise sector by finding ways to incentivize and complement the welfare efforts of social enterprises. One suggestion to achieve this is to establish an advisory body to support social enterprises and promote dialogue.

The report also provided a range of suggestions for organizations supporting social enterprises, such as focusing on developing a clear understanding of each business they work with to ensure they provide appropriate solutions and financing.