Oxfam & OCA workshop on Enterpreneurial Challenges

Partnering to Support Ugandan Businesses with Business Development Support

Oxfam Novib in conjunction with Open Capital Advisors organized a 3-day training workshop for 10 businesses supported under the Oxfam program to discuss best practices and potential solutions to entrepreneurial challenges. The sessions included a mix of facilitated discussions, expert speakers and small-group breakouts. OCA tailored the sessions to tackle the biggest common constraints and challenges that businesses are facing including recruitment and talent management, financial systems and reporting, measuring and evaluating social impact, assessing market opportunities and customer segmentation, and understanding capital structures and investor expectations.

This training session is now being complemented by tailored technical assistance with each business to enable growth and increase the number of successful investments in high potential, scalable businesses, leading to financial returns, job creation, livelihood improvement, and opportunities for entrepreneurs to become engines of economic growth in their communities.

About Oxfam Novib
Oxfam Novib is a development partner that has implemented both development and humanitarian programmes since the 1960s to support practical and innovative ways for Ugandans to uplift themselves out of poverty. They are hinged on three thematic goals which aim to promote women’s rights, good governance and accountability, resilient livelihoods, as well as enhance preparedness, reduce vulnerability to disaster and ensure an effective response to humanitarian crises.