OCA’s Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change has two interrelated paths, just like our mission.

Advancing African Economies
Our first pathway looks at the levers that we use to help our clients achieve growth. Our teams provide strategic, operational and transaction support to businesses, help investors structure funds and conduct due diligence exercises, work with development organizations to design and implement large-scale ecosystem building initiatives, and support governments to identify, evaluate, and define key strategic priorities. Our support for clients enables teams to implement new strategies and processes. Given the right external conditions, we believe these activities drive substantial increased growth and job creation in the markets.

Building Business Leaders
Our second pathway focuses on our team’s development and long-term leadership opportunities. We recruit top African graduates, provide intensive classroom and on-the-job learning, place them on a range of consulting engagements and secondments with businesses operating across sectors, and offer ongoing coaching and technical support. We believe that this combination of training and experience helps our staff and alumni develop into highly skilled managers and enables them to lead organizations that contribute to growth in local economies in the future. These tough problems create the crucible necessary to forge strong leaders. But we must do all this in a financially sustainable way, or we can never achieve the scale Africa needs – for this reason, we ensure our work is profitable.

Despite its name, we do not view this Theory of Change as a theoretical framework. It is synonymous with our strategy and provides a structure to improve our delivery, be accountable to our clients and partners, and share our learnings.

Download our Theory of Change here.